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The Go-To Agency for E-commerce Growth and success.
Ecom.ly was founded by Nick Kneuper in 2017, after 5 years running an e-commerce company & managing paid ads for New York’s fastest growing e-commerce startups, such as Adore Me & Mott & Bow. There was clear demand in the market for a e-commerce only Paid Ads agency, that could accelerate growth for $500k-$10M/yr brands without breaking the bank.
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We are a scrappy team that prides ourselves on innovation & results.

Matthew Powell

Partner, Logistics & Shipping

Matt has built a reputation helping e-com companies like Toadfish and Little Nomad save hundreds of thousands of dollars through shipping contract renegotiation and restructuring in-house fulfillment.

Nicholas Kneuper

Managing Partner

Nick founded Ecom.ly to help other e-commerce companies leverage growth through innovative digital paid acquisition campaigns.

Jack Kneuper

Account Manager

Jack was the first to join Ecom.ly in late 2017 as an analyst to help manage our growing client list. He now leads the day-to-day account management for our clients.

Eli Kneuper

Account Manager

Eli joined the Ecom.ly team after graduating from Virginia Tech in early 2018 with a B.S. in Business Information Technology.

Kristian Beck

Creative Manager

Kristian joined Ecom.ly in late 2018 to manage the ad creation process for our clients. Her creative edge in ad copy combined with eye-catching visuals help our clients take their ads to the next level.

Juli-Ann Cain

Creative Manager

Juli-Ann joined Ecom.ly in late 2018 to manage the ad creation process for our clients. She brings an innovative approach to creative writing and helps clients maintain their brand look, while also driving highly engaged customers using new creative ad tactics.

The Circle

About The Circle

Our clients often ask, “what’s the meaning behind your logo?” It is a reminder that marketing is constantly evolving and we need to evolve with it. It is a reminder to not become complacent and to avoid circular thinking.


From Startups to Industry Staples, we work with DTC brands across a breadth of verticals:

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