How E-commerce Brands are locking in fast shipping rates and cheap delivery costs using FedEx One Rate

February 22, 2019

For an E-commerce Owner or a Director of Logistics, one of the most frustrating things about shipping fees are the hidden costs and surcharges.

Shipping to Alaska? Surcharge.

Saturday Delivery? Surcharge. 

Bulky Package? Surcharge.

That’s why we love structuring FedEx One Rate shipping contracts for our clients. It’s one of the best ways to reduce shipping costs for e-commerce companies.

It’s not for everyone. FedEx One Rate is built for e-commerce companies that ship products that fit into standardized boxes. But when it does work, it works fantastic. In fact, we can help e-commerce companies save upwards of 25% on their total costs by switching to FedEx One Rate.

What is FedEx One Rate?

FedEx One Rate is a product that allows shippers to send out packages at an all-inclusive, flat rate, as long as a specific package type is used. This is great for shippers because it gives them a consistent cost basis where they don’t have to worry about pesky surcharges. 

How fast do One Rate shipments arrive to my customer?

One Rate can be used with the following services:

  • First Overnight
  • Priority Overnight
  • Standard Overnight
  • 2-Day
  • 2-Day AM
  • Express Saver (3-Day)

What are the benefits to FedEx One Rate for E-commerce Brands?

  • Free packaging supplied by FedEx, most of which requires no tape
  • All surcharges are included in the price
  • Integration with most major shipping platforms
  • Allows typically very expensive shipments to Alaska/Hawaii to travel at a low-cost, flat rate.
  • Rates can be negotiated with FedEx to fit shipper’s needs, including Saturday deliveries and pickups at no extra cost

What are the cons of FedEx One Rate?

  • Specific packaging must be used to get pricing

What Packaging can I use with FedEx One Rate?

What are list rates for FedEx One Rate?

Our Take:

The FedEx One Rate program is a great product for shippers looking for consistent costs with quick delivery speed, as long as the products being shipped can work within the packages that FedEx provides.

It allows retailers to pass on a low, expedited shipping cost to customers that increases service and helps conversions at checkout. Free packaging and thermal labels provided by the carrier also help bring down costs for shippers on top of the flat rates. 

We are regularly helping shippers lock in 2-day rates with Saturday Delivery/Pickup included for lower than ground shipping prices! Contact us today for a free analysis and consultation on your shipping agreements. 

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